Du you want to hand out gospel tracts?

Maybe you or your congregation wants to evangelize your town or community, and there is many ways to do that. To hand out tracts is a very simple and practical way to do evangelize, here are some tips:

  • Hand out personally by personal evangelization/outreach
  • By street evangelization
  • By dropping them in mailboxes, that way you can cover large areas (villages, towns, counties)
  • Many of us travel in different countries for one or another reason and it is always good to have a tract on hands.
  • We have many Polish and Estonian (Estonian tract is coming soon) workers in our countries and they also have the right to hear about Jesus.

Practical information

We don't sell tracts, but offer them to you for free to print/copy and spread. You can also engage a Print shop, for example  If you use a Print shop you will get much more professional result. We can help you with printing process and even to write your contact information in tracts, this we will do for free.

Our tracts are in A5 size (before folding). If you want to print/copy them yourself we recommend our A4-layout, it gives you 2 tracts per A4 paper. A4-layouts are not availble on our website, but if you want to have them you, just let us know and you will get them on email (pdf-file).

Help to write your contact information on tracts is free.
If you want us to help you with the printing process, we can help you and will do it without any profit, so you pay only for the actual cost for printing.


Price example from  in Sweden (including taxes, shipping, PayPal fee, Jan 2017). There are some small differences in prices between countries. Prices are just a small hint, there are even other mounts of tracts to order.

Tracts will be printed on 4-color on 135g glossy paper.

  • 1500 pcs - about 580 Sek
  • 2500 pcs - about 720 Sek
  • 5000 pcs - about 1050 Sek
  • 10 000 pcs - about 1500 Sek

Contact us for more information if you are intrested to spread tracts.


Klick a tract and it will open in a new tab.


Already over 150 000 handed out in Sweden, over 300 000 in Poland
and thousands in Finland and in Spain !

Add information on tracts

We can help you with writing your own contact information on tracts: Who is spreading them (name of the congregation or organazation). Web address, Phone number, email, times for church services etc.