Ann-Marie – From Childhood faith to Adult faith


I would like to tell you why I’m a Christian and what it means to me.

I was born in a Christian family. My parents gave me and my sisters lots of love, comfort and safety.  But not only that, they lead me to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. During my entire childhood and growing up years, I was surrounded by people who believed in Jesus, my grandparents on both sides and so on. Therefore it was easy for me to believe in Jesus because so many people around me showed me the way to Jesus and to Heaven.

But it would be sad if my story would end with a good childhood and a strong childhood faith in God. In the years that followed, I understood that it is a question of life and death. I understood that it is about where I want to spend my eternity, but also that I wouldn’t manage my adult life without a personal relationship with Jesus. So at an early age, I decided to follow Jesus.

I was about 10 years old when I got baptized, I was happy and very determined to live for Jesus the rest of my life. The pastor, who was about to baptize me, asked me just few minutes before my baptism: “Why do you want to be baptized?” And I answered him: “Because it’s The right way.” It felt like that then and it still does.

I have experienced that life together with Jesus (and Heaven as goal) is The right way. There is a saying that “…Every road leads to Rome…”, but it is not true when it comes to faith in God and to get to Heaven one day. There is only one way to Heaven and that is through faith in Jesus Christ. He is The way, the truth and life and no one can come to God except through Jesus (John 14:6)

Growing up and during the teenage years, I loved to be in church, sing, listen to the preaching and learn more about Jesus. That was also where all of my friends were. We sang, had teen services and went to “christian youth camps” together. My faith was growing in strength, like a tiny plant grows stronger every year, if it gets enough light, water and nutrition. I got all my spiritual nourishment from Jesus in Bible studies, prayer and singing in our church choir.

I also started to pray to God for guidance in my life, and his will when it came to education, job and a soul mate.  God has really answered my prayers and blessed me in these areas. I’m so thankful and I often say, “The best in life is free” (salvation, my husband, children, health etc.). All glory belongs to God for this.

But as we all know, life isn’t so easy all the time. Tough times come and occasionally through the years , my faith in Jesus has been tested. I have gone through difficulties and could not have made it, if I hadn’t had Jesus in my heart. When I turn to Him in prayer He will help me and he gives me peace beyond understanding. I’m wholly depending on Jesus both day and night.

And for every trial my relationship with Jesus grows even deeper and stronger. It’s like that tiny plant, it grows deeper roots and can handle life better. When I seek Jesus, He is always there, ready to help me.

He is even a Master to forgive our wrongdoings and mistakes. Actually that’s why He, Jesus, came to this earth, to forgive our sins so that we could get a blessed life here and reach Heaven when this life is over. You know, my friend, none of us is perfect, that’s why it’s so wonderful to come boldly in prayer to Jesus and say: “Forgive me, make me whole again and clean me from all sins”. He took all our sins to the cross when He died. And when He forgives, He also forgets all the bad things we have done. That’s fantastic.

With my simple story I want to spread Jesus’ love to you my friend, and encourage you to take a step in faith, which leads you also to a life with

Life itself. Jesus says: “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).

It is my privilege as a Christian to spread The Good news to you. Jesus is there for us all!

Ok, as I said, I just want to tell you (1) Why I’m a Christian and (2) what it means to me.

  1. I’m a Christian because life would be meaningless and poor without Jesus. I’m depending on Him in all areas of my life.
  2. He means everything to me.

Many greetings Ann-Marie