Teuvo – God was calling me

TeuvoI would like to tell you here, how God called on me. The Bible tells us that God talks in “one and two ways”.

God spoke to me clearly by His Holy Spirit when He was calling me. I heard a clear voice that said: “Teuvo, give your life to me and I will give you something better in your life”. It was a simple invitation for me to give my life to God.

I was a young man, 22 years old. Life was sweet, I had no problems and everything was just fine in my life, but still I was empty and restless inside.

When I heard God’s voice speaking to me, I somehow understood that God was inviting me into a fellowship with Himself. I understood that I have to decide what to answer Him. I didn’t know anything about Christianity or about the Bible, even though I believed that God existed. I went to church occasionally, for example at Christmas time, but that was it.

That voice I had heard was so obvious and clear, so I understood that I had to answer Him something. The God of Heaven had sent me an invitation and was now waiting for my response. This was a Sunday morning and I had a little bit of a hangover from partying the night before.

I didn’t have to think very long. I felt how empty my life was inside of  me and I thought to myself: “If God offers me something better, why wouldn’t I receive it”.

God has good hearing

I didn’t know anything about salvation, but God didn’t require that either from me. He just wanted me to answer that question He had asked me. From that moment everything started. I found a church and started to go. There I learned more about Jesus and things started to open up for me.

I understood that Jesus had reconciled us to God. He had paid the price for my debt of sins and I can receive salvation as a gift from God, completely free of charge. He gives me strength and power to be a child of God and to follow Jesus.

God promised me something better

God promised men something better than what this world has to offer with its pleasures. God doesn’t lie and He really has given me more in my heart than

I could ever imagine. He has not given me things of this world, like money and glory, but something much much better: Heavenly blessings, His grace and power to serve God in the Holy Spirit.

It has been more than 50 years from that day and God has always been faithful! And it is getting better and better every day, Glory to God!

And the best is yet to come;  one day I shall be at home in Heaven! That is where this road leads me. An Jesus will be faithful all the way, until the end.