About us

Teuvo and Timo

We are a father and son team, Teuvo and Timo Teittinen.

Teuvo has been an evangelist in different Pentecostal Churches in Finland. A couple of years ago he was pastoring a Finnish speaking Church in Skene, Sweden, in about 4.5 years. Today Teuvo belongs to a Pentecostal Church in Loimaa, Finland.

Timo belongs to a Pentecostal Church in Bua, Halland, Sweden. Until recently he was an elder in the congregation, Timo interprets Teuvo fron Finnish to Swedish in Sweden.

Zamość, Poland 2016

Łódź, Poland 2016

We visit churches

During the years we have visit several congregations from different denominations. Teuvo preaches in Finnish and Timo intreprets to Swedish (in Sweden). Teuvo preaches a simple Jesus-centered gospel about God’s mercy and love.

If your congregation wants us to visit you, please don't hesitate to  contact us. We can even be part of your street evangelization.

Möklinta/Sala, Sweden, 2014

Möklinta/Sala, Sweden, 2014

Street in India


Teuvo has visited many countries and churches during the years and preached the word of God, but the last few years he has been involved in India. Together with his wife Leena they have visited India many times.

They are helping several pastors there. All of the pastors takes care for  2-3 congregations in small pore villages in the country side.

When sorrow turns into a joy

Church service